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I am a web developer living and working in the Orlando, Florida area. I am also a bass player and an avid gamer. If you're interested in my services please email me using the contact form below. I am available to work on simple, one-time contract projects, or with other developers on larger projects. I know several languages, but I am most proficient with PHP and ColdFusion at this time. I would also be available to help maintain and optomize SQL databases and queries.

Web, Application and Database Developer.

Some basic details about me:

  • Birthday: June 30
  • Email: Show Email
  • City: Orlando, FL
  • Degree: AS Programming and Analytics
  • School: Valencia Community College
  • Freelance: Available


A quick rundown of my professional experience and qualifications.


Jed Gravelin

Dedicated back-end developer who can translate business needs into programmatic solutions. Can work in a procedural or object oriented manner, familiar with MVC's such as CodeIgniter, and very good with Relational Databases.


Associate of Science: Programming and Analytics


Valencia Community College, Orlando FL

Graduated with Honors, member of Phi Theta Kappa

Professional Experience

Lead Software Engineer

February 2020 - Present

Horion2Media - Orlando, FL

  • Lead in the design, development, and implementation of the code base and database for multiple company websites
  • Work with other members of the design and code team to coordinate production pushes and changes through SVN
  • Maintain and optomize the MSSQL Databases.
  • Develop unique solutions for reporting and statistics to meet business needs
  • Design and implement API driven solutions to meet company needs
  • PHP 7, MSSQL, CodeIgniter, WordPress and more

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2020

General Services Corp / Moxie Media, Orlando FL

  • Developed numerous projects to send SMS and Email Marketing messages for multiple clients
  • Created interfaces for multiple SMS and Email Providers, such as Twilio, Amazon, Kaleyra, SendGrid, Sparkpost and many more.
  • Optomized SQL to perform under very heavy loads
  • Maintained multiple codebases in ColdFusion, PHP and Python via SVN


Avaialable for contract or project-based work. Solo projects or group projects are welcome.


Back-end coding services (mainly). Web App / API programming in a variety of languages.


Setting up Analytics, or helping to drill down analytics to improve traffic and SEO


MSSQL / MySQL Database Architecture and Query optimization.


Online Portfolio setups for Visual Artists


Wordpress installation and setup


CodeIgniter (v3) expert


Please drop me a line if you are interested in any of my services, or maybe just want to talk games or music!


Apopka, FL

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